What is this No-Recoil Tool ?

This is a Recoil Control Tool developed by us. It helps you to control vertical recoil in games. Its not zero/no recoil, but it very-well control recoil and looks totally legit while you are playing with it!

Is it safe ?

It is safe and it will be safe for most of the games because it simply controls your mouse according to the configuration you set in the program. It doesn’t change or read in-game memory thus its very safe for most games though you should always test it first.

Can I use it with any game ?

Yes, you can use it with almost any game if you want!

How to use this tool ?

1. Open the Tool and open Settings Section and configure your keymapping same as you use in the game for these things.(Default keymapping is done by thinking for Gameloop-PUBGM users)

2. Run your game and then go to training lobby and then choose the gun, ammo etc.

3. Open Test Tab in the Tool and set a Recoil number and click InActive button to make it active and then go to game and start shooting, keep increasing the recoil number and set your Delay accordingly until your whole horizontal recoil is controlled and then remember that setting. Now find the same recoil control settings for crouch and prone positions also.

4. Then once you found a good setting for that specific gun+scope+position, then go to Configure Tab and Select the Gun and Scope which you’re using and set the recoil number for them with the delay(default is 200).

5. Now repeat Step 3-4 again for different guns, scope and positions.

6. Now your recoil control for different guns are set and you don’t need to do this from next time until you change the sensitivity settings/play any other game.

7. Now Go to game lobby and then Main Tab in No-Recoil Tool and then select the guns and start it.(It automatically detects if you changed guns, if you are standing/crouch/prone or if you opened map, inventory or scope is opened!

Is it free ?

Yes, its free and will be forever free for everyone. Its one of the freebies from SINKI Asia to all players out there. We continuously thrive to develop and enhance user experience. Be a customer once and you will never leave us 🙂