What is this Anti-Ban ?

This is a custom made Anti-Ban for our customers. It is designed to prevent constant bans trigged by the anti-cheat system of Tencent. A lot of times Tencent is at fault to trigger false bans. This Anti-Ban is not a bypass. You will still be matched with emulator players. Using this, you can play brutally but we still don’t recommend such a play style ourselves. Stay safe, use safe features !

How is it the safest Anti-Ban ?

Our anti-ban will always protect you from long-term 3 months/10 years ban that are caused by in-game detection of your hacks. Our Antiban is never affected by any PUBG Mobile update so you don’t have to wait or worry whenever an update comes. Its our 100% guarantee that no other anti-ban can provide, when they get patched their customers gets banned for 3 months or 10 years.

How to get this Anti-Ban ?

As a supporting movement for our new Asia Sales Division, we will be providing the Anti-Ban for free to everyone who purchases SINKI hack (it only works with SINKI) from this website. After buying SINKI hack from here, contact ShivShubh#1004 on Discord for your Anti-Ban. Be wary of the fact that we can stop providing this Anti-Ban at any time possible depending upon the situation. We always work for you to bring out the best solutions for our customers.

How to use this Anti-Ban ?

Instructions are written in simplest English language possible. So read Instructions from the program very carefully before proceeding to any step. For lifetime users, we will setup everything for you personally through team viewer so you don’t have to worry about anything. For others, you have to use the program by yourself correctly.

Do I get any special treatment for being a lifetime user ?

Yes we will setup your PC personally through team viewer to ensure your safety !

Can I share this Anti-Ban because sharing is caring ?

No one is allowed to share anything from here to anyone. Your key and your whole system will be blocked from our database and you will not be able to use any of our programs in the future. So be responsible and care for your well being only.

How to keep myself updated with informations ?

We always try to play PUBGM with our hacks daily and we post wins pictures on our discord to prove that our hacks are safe. We also post necessary information and updates on how to keep yourself safe. So join our discord server to keep yourself updated: https://discord.gg/h3rRrmp

Reviews from our customers about this Anti-Ban !

These are some reviews from our customers who got to use our Anti-Ban :-